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Body Proctector


Maya Hide leather protects the heavily padded interior of these triple stitched Taekwondo body protectors. Made to fully-absorb and manage the shock-impact that come from lethal TKD kicks, RDX’s latest body armour was engineered to get you a st..

Kick Pads


Kick  Pad, made of high quality PU leather. Hand-back mesh design makes your hands feel cool and breathable when you are training. Half Ball Plam Grip and Natural Pre-curved Concave Technology will make your hands feel comfortable, high-de..

Taekwondo mat


We have a wide range of Taekwondo Mat, Karate Mat, Tatami Mats, which is made up of the finest quality of raw material to ensure maximum safety for the players. It offers complete comfort to the players or users. These mats undergo strict quality t..

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