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The  squash racket is perfect for beginner players, designed with a titanium construction that gives the player accuracy, power and control on all of your shots. It features  Power max string pattern for extra power. Both rackets come complete with a full length protective head cover with strap . Shop at VCN SPORTS ITN LTD for all your squash related items.

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Babolat Rackect


Babolat continues with its popular Limited racquet in this cosmetic version. Offering excellent stability and feel from all areas of the court, the Ltd GT provides a solid connection between player and ball. Advanced level players who like to ..

Squash Ball


An extremely durable, high quality rubber compound unique to Dunlop that provides the ultimate performance squash ball for professional, tournament and club team players. ..

Squash Dunlop Biometric Racket


The Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS squash racquet has been constructed with a closed throat area offering a smaller and more dense string bed which provides a reduced sweet spot size making it perfect for players who wish to improve precision a..

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